Product Images Bring New Opportunity

A longtime manufacturer of farming equipment, Pequea, had been selling replacement parts by taking orders over the phone and fax for years. They began to look into creating a web store designed to sell spare parts, but most of their products required product manuals as a visual reference to easily locate the desired part. In addition, the majority of Pequea’s customers were not interested in ordering their parts through a complex eCommerce site when they could simply order by phone or fax. rediSell was able to provide Pequea the flexibility to provide a simple shopping experience which included many product images as visual references to replace physical product manuals. Pequea’s customers and dealers immediately embraced the online web store and a large portion of Pequea’s orders are now received accurately and efficiently through their eCommerce site.

rediSell for Pequea in Action:

"Using rediSell we created a simple web store for our customers to quickly find and order parts. rediSell delivered to our complete satisfaction."

Jay Lake