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A quick look at rediSell

rediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One™ is a comprehensive and highly adaptable eCommerce solution loaded with features to support all of your company’s B2B transactions.

By deploying an online web store with rediSell, your customers will be able to easily navigate your eCommerce store to locate desired products, learn about new products, view frequently ordered items, and submit orders through an intuitive checkout process.

rediSell’s flexible architecture provides you the ability to directly manage your web store, easily updating product catalogs, promotions, pricing, special offers, and item images. Since rediSell is not restricted to “pre-canned templates,” it perfectly aligns with company branding to create a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Website design and branding

Flexible custom site development with pre-designed templates created by experienced team.

Robust rediSell uploader tool

Easy to use tool to manage the online storefront including catalogs, products, pricing and more.

SAP Business One integration

Full integration with SAP Business One customers, price lists, items and any custom data.

Customer portal extension

rediSell is fully integrated with rediPortal, a complete customer portal solution, providing your customers with access to their account history information including account summary, order status, past invoices, shipment information, payments, and credit memos.

Find out more about rediPortal

Integrated search

rediSell features a powerful, integrated search function that incorporates into the storefront. Shoppers can search on any phrase which helps quickly and efficiently navigate the eCommerce site. It also helps shoppers find items they want and discover new items.

By directing customers more quickly to desired items, rediSell search will drive higher revenue. It will also help lower the cost of ownership by eliminating additional cost required to integrate and manage other search solutions

Integrated with shopping cart

Enables shoppers to buy directly from the search results page.

Offer multiple sorting

Shoppers can sort items by price, item code and item name.

Complete items filtering

Automatically filters items that are on hold or inactive.

Maintain total control

rediSell enables your eCommerce site managers to directly manage the online storefront, including catalogs, products, promotions, pricing, coupons, and special offers. Ability to promote products as featured items or special buys help your marketers quickly connect shoppers with the items most likely to interest them.

rediSell helps drive revenue and lower inventory expenses by giving your eCommerce site managers direct control over your online storefront, to maximize margins, reduce inventory, and differentiate your products and services from the competition.

  • Perform essential merchandising operations:

  • Manage all store management operations in an easy-to-use interface.

  • Edit product prices, attributes and graphics.

  • Add and remove catalog items, SKUs, or entire catalog structures.

  • Manage coupons and promotions.

  • Optimize your create-to-deploy cycles:

  • Create, edit, and deploy new content using built-in tools.

  • Maintain consistent branding, pricing, and product information using a single content repository.

  • Easy integration:

  • Integrate easily with your existing website.

  • Manage product catalogs, Items, Business Partners, special prices right from SAP Business One.

  • Native integration with shipping systems and payment gateways.

  • Empower business users with an easy to use interface.

Modular architecture

rediSell can be easily contracted or expanded depending on the online shopping experience you would like to deliver to your customers.
Some clients have an internal design team, and prefer to conduct website design and branding activities on their own. Other clients have nothing but a basic website, and need us to take them from start to finish.

We work with our clients and partners to ensure that your vision is achieved -- no matter where you are starting your SAP B1 eCommerce project from.

  • Website design, branding and navigation:

  • Complete conformance with your corporate branding standards.

  • Full shopping cart functionality.

  • Secure customer login and customer account management functionality.

  • Display a full item catalogue of your products with search functionality.

  • SAP Business One integration with your website:

  • Integrate customers and business partners, items and their details, as well as price lists from SAP B1.

  • Incorporate item images that are associated with items in SAP B1.

  • Automatically create sales orders in SAP B1 based on website shopping cart orders.

  • Provide customer self-service for viewing current and past orders and payment history.

  • Allow your customers to purchase on account and integrate to credit card gateways.

  • Integrate with shipping systems.

  • Merchandising through the rediSell Desktop Uploader Tool:

  • Manage website categories.

  • Manage items, item prices, item attributes and item images.

  • Set-up customer specific price list.

  • Upload customers, customer addresses and customer logo.

  • View logged customers and status of their shopping cart.

rediSell business benefits

There are several reasons why businesses switch web shopping carts. Whether you've outgrown your current platform or are dissatisfied with your current eCommerce solution, we can help make your transition easy.

  • Reasons to switch:

  • Integrate easily into your IT infrastructure to leverage your investments in ERP, CRM, and other systems.

  • Empower your business users with an intuitive interface to revise content quickly as per your business needs, without having to rely on IT.

  • Track business processes throughout the purchasing cycle, as well as generate reports that evaluate site performance and buyer behavior, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

  • Monitor shopping cart abandonment throughout the purchase or non-purchase of items - from the time a customer leaves a shopping cart to the time she returns to it, if she ever does. With this level of understanding, you can quickly identify areas of improvement, helping you turn more shoppers into buyers.

  • Utilize the business-to-business (B2B) commerce module, which includes contract-based product catalogs, contract-based pricing, price lists, project associations and more

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